Our Unique Approach

Intensive and Effective Recovery

The Wenham House is a 14-bed, all male residential Twelve Step retreat, focused on showing addicts, alcoholics and their families a new way to live.


Keeping our the size of our group small and gender-specific removes distractions and fosters deeper connection between our guests, allowing the men to develop community and fellowship that’s marked by compassion, accountability, and respect.


Our approach uses the fundamentals of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholic Anonymous. 

The Twelve Steps

Guests fully engage with the Twelve Steps, the best known and most consistently effective model for the successful abatement of alcoholism and drug addiction.


We use the AA Big Book, and apply the concepts and principles of the Twelve Steps in a curriculum that includes a variety of educational groups and attendance at AA and NA meetings. During the first month of his stay, our staff take guests through the first seven steps. We lead him through the Steps 8-12 in the following months.


We present a practical, pragmatic experience-driven method of personal development and positive change. By the time a man graduates from our program he will have been brought through all of the Twelve Steps.

Length of Stay

The first four weeks are an intensive experience with the Twelve Steps. Our guests spend most hours of their day in Twelve Step instruction and discussion groups, and don’t leave The Wenham House for anything beyond grocery trips and meetings. By the fourth or fifth week as our guest, each man will have completed up to Step Seven. 


From four weeks to six months the men work beyond Step Seven and with an eye to returning to their lives. Though they remain guests of The Wenham House, after their 7th step our guests are required to find employment for the duration of their stay. We help with transportation as well as job placement assistance and even career help. Twelve Step instruction and discussion group workshops happen in the evening to accommodate work schedules. 


Daily Schedule

In addition to a curriculum of educational groups and attendance at AA and NA meetings, there is also time for exercise, meditation and relaxation. 


Our daily schedule during the first month provides structured periods of community activity, individual meditation and reflection, exercise and so much more. It’s a combination of mental, spiritual and physical conditioning that helps our guest lay a solid foundation for recovery. 


With an eye to helping men become the best versions of themselves, our days provide the structure and predictability that are lacking in active addiction. 

8:00 am

Wake up


Bed made

Room clean

9:00 - 9:30 am


9:30 - 11:15 am

12 Step Instruction Group

Book Group

1:00 - 5:00 pm 

4th Step Inventory Writing


6:00 pm
7:00 pm

In House Big Book Group

House Meeting